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Experienced and proficient programmer with a strong track record in overseeing the entire software development process. Specializes in creating and maintaining user-centric applications aligned with company requirements. Known for producing high-quality code, resolving issues, and enhancing software performance. Expertise in seamless integration of software components to achieve functional systems. Demonstrated success in leading intricate projects to achieve customer contentment. Skilled at refining and enhancing programs through systematic evaluation. Collaborative team player accustomed to both collaborative and independent work in dynamic settings. Additionally, holds a SAFe 6.0 POPM certification, showcasing expertise in agile project management.

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Senior Software Engineer

I am eager to join an IT institution where I can participate in innovative projects that fuel my continuous learning and growth, with a primary focus on making meaningful contributions towards the achievement of the organization's goals.


Experienced developer skilled in C++, web apps (Laravel, Spring Boot), Android (Java), machine learning, and Python. Led Agile teams as Scrum Master & Product Owner. Enhanced software performance by 20%. Active open-source contributor. Strong CS background, cross-functional teamwork, innovation-focused.

C++ 90%
Java 90%
database(PostgreSQL, MYSQL) 80%
PHP 85%
Android 85%
HTML5 90%
CSS 80%
Javascript 80%
Git 85%
Python 90%


I am a dedicated and highly skilled C++ developer with five years of hands-on experience in crafting, optimizing, and managing cutting-edge software applications using C++. My proficiency lies in translating intricate algorithms into efficient and maintainable code, and my track record includes a 20% performance enhancement in an application's core functionalities. My role as a Scrum Master and Product Owner has empowered me to lead Agile teams effectively, align projects with business objectives, and facilitate seamless collaboration. My educational background features a degree in Computer Science, equipping me with a strong grasp of data structures, algorithms, and software engineering. Through cross-functional teamwork, mentorship, and a commitment to continuous learning, I've honed the art of contributing to design discussions, fostering code quality, and driving innovation in every project.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Systems Consultant

Aug 2022 - Dec 2023

Stockholm, Sweden

Coordinate modularisation of Ericsson’s radio software for antenna calibration, including designing systems, refactoring codes, and migrating legacy C++ code to C++17. Administer software development activities in collaboration with multinational team from Vietnam, Australia, and Sweden. Manage tech stack, comprising Git for collaborative version control, Gerrit for code review, Linux and Bash scripting for CI/CD, TDD using Google Test Framework, Hansoft for task planning, and Scrum for WoW (way of work). Act as part time scrum master when needed. Acquire comprehensive understanding of C++ debugging tool GDB.
  • Minimised employees stress by contributing to creation of company's desk-booking software and enabling employees to reserve preferred workplace workstations.
  • Supported company in acquisition of two more assignments from other clients by building bug free codes and enhancing productivity.

Co-Founder & CEO

Dec 2021 - Dec 2022

Stockholm, Sweden

Responsible for the development of the company’s strategic plan, business development, team management, client relationships as well as project management. Some of my key achievements are
  • Definition of the firm’s vision and long-term goals
  • Identification of business opportunities and creating solutions for them
  • Acquisition of five (5) clients within the first year of registration
  • Identify, recruited and manage a team of ten people

Software Developer

Aug 2019 - Jun 2022

Stockholm, Sweden

Implemented design patterns and clean code practises to refactor source code in one of Sweden's best hand tracking firms, ManoMotion SDK. Eliminated memory leaks by using latest C++. Created API to ensure seamless integration of ManoMotion SDK into VR glasses, enabling developers to use SDK for VR glasses. Utilised various technologies and software, such as scrum as agile framework for working, Jira for project management, Confluence for documentation, Catch2 for unit testing, and GitLab for source control.
  • Supported reduction in human errors and release time by developing automated build pipeline for ManoMotion SDK from scratch, using Jenkins.
  • Decreased deployment time from one day to two hours by designing CI/CD system from scratch.
  • Reduced number of customer complaints by over 60% through testing system automation.

Web Developer

Oct 2016 - Jul 2019

Umeå, Sweden

Collaborated with web development team to develop and manage technical aspects of website. Spearheaded multifaceted projects for clients, from simple websites to complex e-commerce websites. Crafted well designed and efficient code by executing best software development practices. Collected and prioritised specifications and requirements based on technical requirements.
  • Boosted revenue by kr 50K by supporting negotiation of two successful contracts with French speaking clients.

Professional Bus Driver

Jul 2016 - Jul 2019

Umeå, Sweden

I worked part-time as professional bus driver while studying. I was responsible to make sure my assigned schedule is run and to do so on strict time schedules.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Feb 2010 - Jul 2011

Lambarene, Gabon

I worked with the collection of human samples, analysis, and reporting of clinical laboratory results. I worked with parasitology, clinical chemistry, and hematology departments. After eight months into my employment, I was designated the head of the clinical chemistry section where I made sure all quality control samples are run, and that all samples brought to the lab are treated and analyzed using the agreed standard operating procedures. It was also my responsibility to report any deviations and request any shortage of reagents.


Individual Courses in Computer and Systems Sciences with Specialization in AI

Sep 2021 - Jun 2022

Stockholm University

Learning the tools and techniques for building state-of-the art AI agents to solve real world problems. Practical courses in the program include

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data mining
  • Big Data with NoSQL
  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language processing
  • Project: Automatic coding of diseases using SweDClinBERT

BSc Software Engineering

Aug 2016 - Jul 2019

Mid Sweden University

Learned how to build software for mobile, web and desktop using programming languages such as Java with Swing, C++, JavaScript, PHP. Some of the practical courses in the program include

  • Three courses in C++ programming (introduction, object based, object oriented)
  • Java for C++ developers including Swing
  • Design patterns with C++
  • Enterprise application development with Java EE
  • Application development for Android
  • Web development with HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • Web development with PHP and PostgreSQL
  • Programming with concurrency and parallelism
  • Methods and tools for software development
  • Linux programming

Project: Room vs. greenDAO for Android - a comparative analysis of the performance of Room and greenDAO

Master of Public Health

Sep 2011 - Oct 2012

Umeå University - Sweden

Studied various aspects of public health and how to carry out public health research using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Project: Motives and Patterns of drinking in adolescence in Buea - Cameroon, a research protocol

Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science

Oct 2005 - Jul 2009

University of Buea - Cameroon

Learnt the tools and techniques required for the diagnosis of human diseases with focus on

  • Medical microbiology (Parasitology and Bacteriology)
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Chemical Pathology
  • Histopathology and histochemistry
  • Project: Prevalence of Sexually transmissible infections among potential blood donors at the University Teaching Hospital, Yaounde-Cameroon.


Below are some selected projects that i have developed.

  • All
  • Open Source
  • Android App
  • Web

Designed, implemented and published into the Google App store, an Android app that makes it simple to create a shopping list. This app uses some of the most recent Android Architectural components. It uses the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern together with Navigation Graph, DataBinding, Room etc.

Java, Android

A simple android application that showcases how the open source library 'worldCountryData' developed by me could be incorporated in an Android application using the MVVM pattern.

Java, Android

Designed, implemented and deployed a website for Bro T. Jude Music.

PHP, Javascript/jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Laravel

A web-based application for measuring the typing speed of an individual. This was a school project for the course in front-end development

Javascript, CSS3, HTML5

Android library for country flag, currency, and other country information

Java, Android

An open source Android application for travel guide. I contributed in this project to replace all the hard-coded images with the worldCountryData library. In fact, it was during the fixing of issue 512 of this open source project that the creation of worldCountryData emanated

Java, Android


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